This is Tutorial 2: creating a github blog. Those who do have same result with original style skip to Step 2 Those who have different result read from step 1 :)

We have Problem in configuration</strong>

Step 1: Go to _config.yml

1) Check that your branch is set to master

2) Click edit button which is in top right corner(icon is pencil)
3) Press Ctrl+F(Widnows), Command+F(Mac) and type “base” to find baseurl.
4) Delete data of base_url.

  • You can add other information such as description, title, tagline, and others but it is not necessary.

5) GO down and click commit changes.

  • Write what you committed or else automatically Update _config.yml will be written.
  • Get used to writing what you committed, so that you won’t forget what was changed.

Step 2: Use Markdown Editor to make a post

I will show how to upload posts using markdown editor. I recommend Typora for Windows users & Haroopad for Mac users. Since I use Mac I will use Haroopad.

1) Go to Haroopad website.
2) Click Users

3) Scroll down and click icon that represents your OS

4) If you install you will see following screen.

  • Click a blue button that is on bottom right.It will show how you can add hyperlinks, make fonts bigger, emphasize and etc.
  • For example) Writing Bing will make the word bold like this - Bing

Congratulations!! You passed Tutorial 2!! Now you will learn how to write your post in Tutorial 3. Thank you for following all instructions