Initial Coin Offerings

usually ICO happen in token layer. Idea to use blockchain in industry, etc. ICO can also happen in Protocol layer as well if they have new protocol.

IPO(initial public offerings) 1) want to raise money for Apple 2) initial capital, work for company and in return receive share. 3) company makes product and gets profit

public give cash take shares. They become part of the company

ICO start is similar Create token to buy or use products and services. Apple token better when purchasing. People invest money in tokens. Cash(in the form of bitcoin and Ether) and get tokens. Get token that can use buying products and services. Or sell token later on.

ICO case study

Mining is related with coin not token.

Blockchain startup - white papers

What proper blockchain project look like.

ex1) Sia - to use blockchain to create distributed file hosting system. (Cloud storage platform) We all have spare space in our hardware - why not rent? data is fragmented. multiple copies. blockchain control data so that nobody can access. How determine it is good? look at white paper. Description how it will work. Why need blockchain and token? If they want token they should mention how their token will be used.

ex2) power ledger - applicational blockchain sell excess power such as electricity. People sell electricity to each other. Cheaper than buying from grid and get profit from excess power.

ex3) provenance - blockchain to track products.(where it came from) decentralizing not eliminating middleman but providing transparency. No mention of coin or token. They use blockchain but do not use coin or token. No money needed, no ICO.

ex4) Kodak. ICO but considered worthless.

ex5) throw money away - useless Ethereum Token.

Blockchain And Web 3.0

Web 2.0 - Ajax, javascript (load page without refreshing) frontend changed drastically backend hasn’t changed much(cetralized)

web 3.0 backend change drastically(decentralized)